Confusion Is Sex

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The goal of this page is to facilitate critical understanding of Sonic Youth's 1983 LP Confusion is Sex.

Lyrics to Confusion is Sex .

Production notes.

Excerpts from Greil Marcus' "Gulliver Speaks," reprinted from Artforum (11.83). A must-read for theory heads, probing Confusion's "burden of negation."

Greil Marcus muses about the Youth during the days of Confusion (from Addicted to Noise 8/97).

A piece by Leigh Marble titled "'Shaking Hell': Exploding Pop Music." This explores how the song "Shaking Hell" functions within Theodor Adorno's categories of pop vs. serious music.

*NEW 18.06.2009* Confusion is Sex page by Yuri Landman, guitar builder for Sonic Youth and others.

Related Critical Works:

Sam Jeffries' piece "Theodor Adorno Meets 'Lo-Fi'." He examines the lo-fi aesthetic in light of Adorno's views on pop music, materiality, and artistic self-awareness, specifically examining albums by The Dead C and Love As Laughter.

Jeff Schwartz's piece on the Velvet Underground's "Sister Ray." A good example of a modern critical approach, focusing on reading the musical work as "text."

Mark Amerika's treatise on Avant-Pop, a new critical framework which presents some new possibilities for critical understanding of Sonic Youth's music.

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